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Today there are two options of buying Diamonds. Diamonds from under the ground, or from above the ground.
Both Lab grown and Mined diamonds are considered 'diamonds' as recently re-defined by the FTC.

Lab Grown comes in both CVD and HPHT.
- CVD Diamonds are type2a, from a perfect diamond seed. Every diamond tester will pass them as a diamond, being pure Carbon.

- HPHT is a cheaper Lab Grown technique that will not always pass a diamond tester because of the technique it is grown under.

All JC Jewels Lab Grown loose diamonds are CVD. Less than 2% of all diamonds are of this quality and usually sold at a premium. You will be getting bigger and cleaner-stone value proposition.

50% of the value of your diamond is how well the diamonds are cut. Most diamonds sold on JC Jewels have Hearts & Arrows and are Eye Clean. These were carefully selected from our team of experts to ensure only the best of the best lab grown diamonds are sold through JC Jewels.

No Fluorescence (because of type2a).

The prices are approximately 40% less than mined-diamonds.

All diamonds above 0.30ct will be sold with either IGI or GCAL certificates. They are also inscribed with "LG" on the girdle for transparency and disclosure.

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