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Why offer Lab Grown Diamonds?

  • Diamonds from “below the ground” and diamonds from “above the ground” are fast becoming the new norm, it is important to educate your customers, and let them choose.
  • Having the chance to get more for less is very appealing - Who doesn't want a bigger diamond??
  • TypeIIA lab grown diamonds look identical to mined diamonds, no human can tell them apart.
  • We can offer the bigger and cleaner-stone value proposition.
  • The price is approximately 30-40% less than a mined-diamonds.
  • Millennials want the option to see and experience lab-grown diamonds.
  • DeBeers, the once mining giant of the world now grows and sell Lab Grown Diamonds under their brand “LightBox Jewellery”.
  • DeBeers continue to mine and sell their earth mined rough diamonds, clearly there is a place for both Lab Grown and Mined Diamonds.
  • The choice of which to purchase is the end consumers decision - add Lab Grown Diamonds to your product offering!
  • With their lower cost, jewellers are making more margin selling lab grown with more satisfied clients.